How a Certification Authority (CA) validates an organization

The following parameters validate the Organizational Contact (note that this is the same individual who answers the verification call):

  • Organizational Contact's identity, title, and employment are confirmed through an independent source.
    If the contact is listed in government records as a corporate officer—Secretary, President, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CSO, Director, or equivalent—step 2 is skipped.
  • Organizational Contact's authority, verified through any of the following:
    • Professional opinion letter
    • Corporate resolution letter
    • Direct contact with a corporate officer via public records or the company's Human Resources (HR) department

The below image is a screenshot from the State of Washington's corporate database (in other words, public records). This is an abridged list of corporate officers for Amazon, Inc. Any of these people could serve as the organizational contact if Amazon applied for an EV certificate

EV SSL Corporate Authentication Requirement

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